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The Change Revolutionary Hip-hop Theatre is coming to CASTLEMAINE!
From beneath the rock and rubble, deep within the underground, The Change is awakening.

The Change is a groundbreaking performance woven around pivotal moments in our political history. It poses the question, ‘Who will bring us back from the brink of destruction?’

“The Change” will bring you on an epic interactive journey. Lot 19 in Castlemaine will be transformed into many worlds for you to explore.

The Change features music from infamous Melbourne artists Monkey Marc, Damn Maroda, Combat Wombat, Racerage, Black Orchid String Band and Vocal Boogie Choir, and West Papuan dancers. The Change shows at the Melbourne Fringe Festival follow the magical preview at The Factory in Richmond, and the epic all-star cast in The Underground in 2017 and 2018 Melbourne Fringe festival that bought together over 50 participants and left the audience crying and dancing.

24 November Lot 19
Doors open 6pm show starts 6:30

About “The Change”

A journey of many worlds colliding – from West Papuan refugees on a boat lost at sea to the kids in the shanty town of tin in a Kenyan slum, the Palestinian tour guide will take you on an intimate journey of life in the Jordan Valley against the apartheid wall and the Kurdish man escaping Turkish boot morns his lost love, these characters’ journeys will run parallel with the stories of struggle of the First Nations people of Australia.

The Change explores a fusion of cultures and historical political events beginning at Lake Eyre protest camp in SA, traveling to the Aboriginal tent embassy in Canberra, to Palm Island QLD, the Stolenwealth Games and coming together at Woomera detention centre. The story is told through the children of the future, recalling their ancestors’ adventures that lead to the prevention of the world from destruction.

The Change is an interactive performance that utilises different spaces in Lot 19

This social commentary, humour, personal stories and utopian visions will be served on a deadly soundtrack of hip-hop, traditional and world music with live band accompaniment to a background of incredible sets.

The script has been developed through workshops with the local community on the Collingwood Housing estate.

We pay our respects to the Original Nations. Sovereignty never ceded!
Unwaged tickets available on the door on the night $10 nobody turned away