D' Gang adventures

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Da Honai

Honai is a traditional house from the highland of West Papua. Along her journey, she has been built by our crew Lober Wainggai and Gillius Kogoya The Honai was built opposite the Indonesian consulate in Melbourne for the December 1st Rally in 2016 The Honai was built...

The lizard car

The lizard car inspired by the lizard .......‘Beneath the Roxby Downs Uranium mine, there is an old Sleepy Lizard named Kulta. BHP’s Olympic Dam mine is digging right into its guts to extract the world’s most poisonous ore. Uranium! That Lizard ain’t so sleepy no...

Sofia Sketch

I did some sketches of the change, in Castlemaine, mostly during rehearsals. I'm so impressed with everyone, and how truly unique each of the stories or acts are. Drawing the crew performing, I attempted to express my appreciation of their skills and personhood. I...

The Wa Canoe

Wa Canoe Travelling with a Message : The 1st of May 2018 the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Supporters and Free West Papua supporters came in solidarity with Wa Canoe and did a full lap around the Parliament House to remind the Australian government of the Papuan bloods on...

Da Whale

Mobile sound system madness cyber sonic whale of the of the future by Lober Izzy Wangner and Mini concept by Marley    

The Change: Evolution to Revolution

Preparations are underway! Phase 2 of The Change! After a successful first round of fabulousness that bought together over 40 participants to create magic that left the audience crying and dancing at the preview at The Factory in Richmond, we begun work on developing...

The Change fundraising

The Change: Art in the Underground The Underground Carpark Collingwood 6-10pm Friday 25th May 2018 Photos, prints sculptures and installations by Lober Wainggai, Sue Kent, Charandev Singh previewing new music from The Change-Revolutionary Hip-hop Theatre Fundraiser...


January 2023