Wa Canoe Travelling with a Message : The 1st of May 2018 the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Supporters and Free West Papua supporters came in solidarity with Wa Canoe and did a full lap around the Parliament House to remind the Australian government of the Papuan bloods on their hands through their foreign policies in early 60s that have continued to terrorised the livelihood and suppressed the aspirations of the Papuan’s right to self-determination. 
#FullFreedom #Merdeka #WaCanoe4WestPapua

The 1st of May is known as the ‘Day of Terror’ which commemorates the day that the illegal Indonesian occupation of West Papua began in 1963. The occupation continues to this day and the right to self-determination of the West Papuan people continues to be violated. The Australian Government is complicit in this through funding and training the Indonesian police and military including Detachment 88.

To raise awareness about the ongoing human rights violations in West Papua and to draw attention to this slow motion genocide on our door step. The West Papuan community, Aboriginal Tent Embassy and their supporters launched the Wa Canoe for Freedom at The Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra. The canoe travels with a message to be delivered to the Australian and Indonesian Governments. Join us as we journey to Parliament in Canberra.

Built by Lober Wainggai and decorated by Amos Wainggai, the canoe is a replica of the one that arrived on Australian shores in 2006 carrying 43 West Papuan refugees, five of whom have travelled to Canberra with the canoe. The Wa Canoe represents the West Papuan people’s cry for help to regain independence from Indonesian occupation, and represents the struggle and hardships of West Papuan people.

“I am one of the 43 that came here by canoe in 2006. I came here to seek justice for my people. Please help us.” Amos Wainggai

We call on:
the Australian Government to stop supporting the Indonesian security forces.
the Indonesian Governent to stop killing West Papuans. We call for justice for the families and communities of the victims of state violence.
the International community to put pressure on the Indonesian Government to stop violating the rights of the West Papuan people


The Wa Canoe in action in Melbourne 1 December 2017