Combat Wombat’s new single ‘Asylum

Recorded in Monkeymarcs solar powered shipping container studio ‘Asylum’ is the first release from Combat Wombat’s highly anticipated new album ‘Just Across The Border’.

Asylum contains vocals recorded secretly in MITA Broadmeadows detention center by Husan an unaccompanied minor from Iraq.

Combat Wombat are a political hip-hop crew based in Melbourne. Renowned for taking bass bins hostage and blasting political fire in these unsettling times MC Elf Tranzporter, Izzy, Monkeymarc and DJ Wasabi will take you on an unforgettable ride of truth and rights mixed with dub heavy bass.

The video ‘Asylum produced by Labrats and Pan Loop Productions is a retrospective of Australia’s brutal refugee policies. Over the last 16 years of Combat Wombat’s existence we have bared witness to the successive Australian governments’ inhumane treatment of asylum seekers.

From the Tampa to the tow-backs; riots, hunger strikes, breakouts and deaths in custody -We have seen, again and again, the human rights violations across this country and off-shore, with mandatory detention destroying the lives of men, women and children.

This issue is very close to our hearts and has continuously influenced much of our music. Many of our friends who have fallen victim to this racist immigration system are still suffering from trauma and PTSD.

As a band, we have attended and performed at many protests, benefit gigs, detention centres and refugee camps. Lest we forget, as the fight for human rights continues in the midst of today’s global refugee crisis.

Time to open our hearts, minds and doors …

The same blood in our veins … Why can I go, but you still remain …

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